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An Overview of the Direct-to-Fan Business Model

The idea is for artists to manage themselves as “brands” on multiple digital platforms without the need for middlemen. They can then reach out directly to their loyal fans to generate sales.
Using the music industry as an example:

People discover your music through one or more of the many music related platforms and channels. They become your casual listeners. Your songs might be on their playlist but they know nothing about you yet.


As the casual listeners grew fond of your music, they might want to know more about the artist behind and follow you in the long term. Through active search or redirection, they land on your website/social page. You now won them over as your fans.


Once your fans data is captured, you can study their profiles and interests like location, age, which events, songs/albums they are interested in and etc.


Prepare the right mix of products for your fans and actively reach out to them through campaigns on multiple channels. The platform should also assist to convert your fans into loyal fans.


Generate sales and income through the store. The information gathered from their orders is feedback into your database to help improve on your content and campaigns.


Why Metamind

It is a labour of love for us!

Metamind was founded by a failed musician.

Don't worry, he is fine and now only do music for fun but started this venture to help all others who create to succeed.

If he likes your work enough you probably don't have to pay anything upfront at all, just revenue sharing. So there is nothing to lose!

Composing on laptop

We provide all the tools and services so you can concentrate on doing what you like best...to create!

  • Website
  • Storefront
  • Payment processing, fulfilment
  • Merchandise
  • Email, newsletter marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • and how to put everything together

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